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Gary Rehabilitation Clinic

Night View



Gary Rehabilitation Clinic




Gary Rehabilitation Clinic




Gary Rehabilitation Clinic

Childrenís Waiting Room



Gary Rehabilitation Clinic

Adult Gym



Gary Rehabilitation Clinic

Waiting Room







This one-story brick clinic building, offset with double-height steel, glass and concrete public spaces is set in a wooded grove abutting a protected wetland in central Gary.The clinicís design includes two open courtyards, a light-filled reception area, a vaulted gymnasium for adult physical and occupational therapy patients, and a playful oval-shaped gymnasium for childrenís patients.


Inside the building, glazed corridors, facing interior courtyards, and the lofted clerestory provide patients with seemingly infinite access to the outdoors, while out-side, the clinic presents a closed face providing privacy to the patients within. The connection between the two is the steel and glass-clad waiting area, which al- lows the visitor to see the interior courtyards from the front door.


The public circulation area and the two gyms create an attractive light-filled ambulatory rehab environment that also serves adjoining medical out-patient clinics used by visiting doctors, and the hospitalís Oncology, and Neurology departments. Additional therapy areas include private treatment rooms, a full-scale functioning kitchen, hydrotherapy tanks and a full-body-immersion hydro pool.


A separate major function of the building is an Emergency Services Training Center, including a 35-person classroom and a skills lab with a full-scale reproduction of an ambulance without the cab. Interspersed among the clinical and training functions are three conference rooms of various sizes, designed to serve both the clinic and the local community.









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